Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ken Barlow’s ‘Kimonos on the Cobbles’

Some suggested plot lines for the Corrie scriptwriters, to cover Bill Roache's absence:

1. Ken has gone off to find himself on an extended narrowboat barge holiday to the Norfolk Broads.

2. Ken has had a long-standing love affair with his daily-worn silk kimono and as a result of which, he has gone on a fact-finding mission to Asia with the aim of becoming the Street's first kimono maker & opening his own shop, 'Ken’s Kimonos on the Cobbles’.
3. Following a letter from an anonymous and previously unheard of lovechild, Ken is embarking on a worldwide tour of his romantic history to confirm their identity, a'la Bill Murray in Broken Flowers.

4. Ken is renting a cottage in Kendal for the summer, during which time he will complete his seminal novel, 'Ken: The Golden Years'.

5. Ken has been silently battling the lesser-known three-quarter life crisis. As a result of this, he has shelled out for a Harley Davidson, a room in a B&B on Blackpool front, & will for the foreseeable future be working the log flume at the Pleasure Beach.