Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Unnamed Footballer, by the unnamed blogger otherwise known as Rachael Dry.

Following the alleged revelations by the alleged press of the alleged Premiership footballer's alleged infidelity, my Dad alleged yesterday that he had seen said alleged footballer/adulterer/devil worshipper wandering down a street which cannot be named for legal reasons...allegedly looking sheepish.

Funny that, I thought, seeing as the rumours about him were in fact so 'unfounded', and based on so many an 'unnamed source', I'd begun to doubt whether The Unnamed Footballer had ever really existed. Maybe I had in fact dreamt up his presence on this planet, even perhaps created in my mind his lovely dark locks, down-to-earth demeanour and skill.

This got me wondering further. If the alleged allegations about his alleged behaviour with an allegedly gorgeous woman are true, maybe I had in fact conjured up in my head a kind of Mr. Dream Man who no other could or would ever match up to. A mirage, if you will.

But like the sight of a well-stocked bar in the middle of the Sahara, I sadly and suddenly see that this may be, and have always been, simply an optimistic illusion - though a fun one at that. 

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